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    Every Day Is A Holiday in January!

    Let’s Celebrate Today & Every Day! 

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! Did you know there is a holiday just about every day of the year? Join us as we share fun and interesting holidays throughout January.

    January 1st – New Years Day

    2018 is YOUR year!

    January 2nd – Run it up the flagpole and See if anyone salutes it

    Do you have an idea that you think is great but aren’t too sure if anyone else would agree? Well, run it up the flagpole & see if anyone salutes it or in common terms: throw the idea out there and see if anyone agrees with you!

    January 3rd – Fruitcake Toss Day

    It’s time to trash those holiday treats! Check out this video of a town in Colorado that hosts a Fruitcake Toss Competition every year.

    January 4th – National Spaghetti Day

    Spaghetti is what’s for dinner!

    January 5th – Bird Day

    Take a moment and watch the birds today, feed them if you can!

    January 6th – Bean Day

    Beans, beans, the magical fruit… 😉

    January 7th – Old Rock Day

    No, it isn’t about the appreciation of classic rock music. Skip a rock or dig for a fossil today.

    January 8th – National Clean Off Your Desk Day

    Purge those files! Recycle all the paper! Pet the dog! Start off the New Year with a clean desk!

    January 9th – Word Nerd Day

    Play a word game today! Check out these other word games.

    January 10th – Cut Your Energy Costs Day

    Click here for more ideas on how to save on energy costs.

    January 11th – Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

    January 12th – Marzipan Day


    January 13th – Make Your Dreams Come True Day

    “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

    January 14th – Organize Your Home Day

    Organize all the rooms! Containers and labels and trash, oh my!

    January 15th – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    “If you can’t fly then run, it you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

    January 16th – Nothing Day

    January 17th – Kid Inventor’s Day

    Appreciate the Kid Inventors in your life. They are the reason we have “makin’ bacon!”

    January 18th – Thesaurus Day

    Use your tremendous words today!

    January 19th – Popcorn Day

    January 20th – Penguin Awareness Day

    Here are some adorable pictures of penguins. 

    January 21st – Squirrel Appreciation Day

    Feed them & they will come. Learn how to show your appreciation here.

    January 22nd – Hot Sauce Day

    Sauce it up today! We like it HOT!

    January 23rd – Handwriting Day

    Send someone a handwritten note or just practice your handwriting on National Handwriting Day.

    January 24th – Compliment Day

    Leave a special note on the mirror for a loved one, write a thank you card to a coworker who helped you, or just compliment a stranger! Anything is possible on National Compliment Day!

    January 25th – Opposite Day

    Do the opposite!

    January 26th – Spouse’s Day

    Love your spouse extra today!

    January 27th – Chocolate Cake Day

    Cake for everyone!

    January 28th – National Have Fun At Work Day

    Have a mini dance party, surprise your coworkers with breakfast, or click this link to view more ideas for fun in the work place!

    January 29th – Puzzle Day

    Check out the best apps to train your brain on National Puzzle Day!

    January 30th – Croissant Day

    Enjoy a warm, buttery croissant today!

    January 31st – Backwards Day

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